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The Message in a Memorial

God in His infinite wisdom did not equip human beings with the ability to see the future, but He endowed us with the remarkable ability to remember the past.  Not only does He give us the gift of memory… He encourages us to use it frequently especially regarding all He has done for us. 

Join Pastor Steve Via of Rehoboth Baptist Fellowship as he delivers a Memorial Day message, encouraging us to remember how blessed we are because of the sacrifices of United States veterans who bled and died to preserve the liberties and freedoms that have made our country the greatest country in the world… and to remember the sacrifice made by God in giving His one and only Son to die and rise again to offer us freedom from sin.

Also, enjoy patriotic music by Rehoboth’s own Cross Connected band.

Focus Scripture includes: Joshua 4:1-7

Or click on this link to go directly to YouTube where you can watch the video and subscribe to Rehoboth Baptist Fellowship’s channel.

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