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Where Does My Help Come From? article

Where Does My Help Come From?

In our role as parents, times of uncertainty appear even more daunting because it draws our attention to our children ...
The Adult in the Room? article

The Adult in the Room?

 In our parenting efforts, we might find ourselves burdened by responsibility and outcomes that seem too heavy.  We at any ...
An Improved Version article

An Improved Version

We are bombarded daily with advertisements promising an “improved or updated product."  Our constant technology updates ensure us that we ...
A Lost Dinosaur – 'Kindness' article

A Lost Dinosaur – ‘Kindness’

What ever happened to teaching our children manners?  Did we get too busy or distracted?  Did we let other influences ...
Happy Valentine's Day! article

Happy Valentine’s Day!

This is my annual reminder to parents to help their children navigate Valentine’s Day on a developmentally appropriate basis.  We ...
Teach and Counsel article

 Teach and Counsel

“Let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom, teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and ...
Be Encouraged article

Be Encouraged

God is still on His Throne!  Psalm 89:36-37: “His seed shall endure forever, And His throne as the sun before ...
The One’s Who Do Show Up! article

The Ones Who Do Show Up!

One of the concerns of our contemporary culture is the normalizing of a lack of a work ethic.   We focus ...
Pleasant and Enjoyable? article

Pleasant and Enjoyable?

How does this time of year resonate in my thinking and my discipline?  Do I use the calendar to reflect ...
Checking In article

Checking In!

When we think of the words “checking in,” we might think of checking on our loved ones when we haven’t ...

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